We have a heart for reaching people in and near the Tyler region...around the United States...and throughout the world in a variety of ways. 

Locally, we hope to regularly serve our community with practical tangible expressions of God's love.  We call this our "Community Love Gift". 

We also support missionary efforts in a general sense through Foursquare Missions, which helps plant & support churches and ministries here and around the world. 

We also specifically support the Zambian Vocal Academy located in the village of Kalingalinga, Zambia. 

One of our ECHO family, James Mbewe, grew up in Kalinglinga, and knew first hand the struggles of growing up there.  Many children are AIDS orphans and are left desperate with no hope.  James also knows first hand the miracle of God answering prayers and providing for him as a young boy raising his siblings.  He began an acapella vocal group, known as the Zambian Vocal Group.  They recorded and toured around Africa and eventually God brought them to the United States.  Doors opened, and they found themselves performing at The Apollo Theatre, the United Nations, Dollyworld, Opryland and countless churches and venues.  With James founding the group, they have committed their lives to raising funds through the Zambian Vocal Group to build and run a school in Kalinglinga, so other kids like them, might have a chance in life. 

The school is known as the Zambian Vocal Academy, and currently it rescues almost 300 children. As students they are not only teaching them academically, and spiritually, but also providing basic necessities like toiletries, food, clothing and shoes. We, at ECHO, count it a privilege to partner with James and the life long ministry he and the Group have committed themselves to.  May you prayerfully join us in that...if you would like more information about the Zambian Vocal Academy, then please visit their website through the link below: